Future MC
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Future MC

  • 模組類型:綜合類
  • 收錄時間: 8月前
  • 作者/開發團隊: thedarkcolour
  • 最后編輯: 2月前
  • 模式: SSP/SMP
  • 最后推薦: 26天前
  • 編輯次數: 2次
  • 支持的MC版本:
    • 1.12.2



昨日指數: 44
昨日平均指數: 132.772





  • 這個模組加入了未來版本MC的方塊,現在只加入了一些方塊和物品。現在還只是開發的早期階段,未來還會繼續更新。

    Adds blocks from future versions, so far I have added a few blocks and items. This mod is very early in development and will continue to update as I work on it.

    燈籠 - 來自1.14的一種光源,能放在地上也能吊在天花板上。
    Lantern - A light source (from 1.14) which can be set on the ground or hanged from a ceiling.
    切石機 - 來自1.14的一種裝飾方塊,有一個有動畫效果的鋸片。其功能暫未實現。
    Stonecutter - A decorative block(from 1.14) that has an animated saw blade. Functionality not yet implemented.

    砂輪 - 來自1.14的方塊,能修復物品或去除附魔。

    Grindstone - A block from 1.14 that repairs and disenchants items.

    煙熏爐和高爐 - 來自1.14的方塊,只能燒煉特定物品,但更省燃料而且速度是普通熔爐的兩倍。
    Smoker and Blast Furnace - Blocks (from 1.14) that can only smelt specific items, but use fuel much more efficiently and smelt twice as fast as a normal furnace.
    1.14的花 - (鈴蘭、凋零玫瑰和矢車菊)能分別合成它們對應的顏色的染料(白黑藍)。


    1.14 Flowers - (Lily of the Valley, Wither Rose and Cornflower) Flowers that each craft into their respective dyes (Blue, White, Black).

    These dyes can be used to craft items that require a dye of that color.

    1.14的墻 - 來自1.14的12種墻變體,繼承了不同方塊的外觀。
    1.14 Walls - 12 new wall variants(from 1.14) that inherit their looks from different blocks.
    三叉戟 - 來自1.13的投擲武器,同時還增加了忠誠、引雷和穿刺附魔。暫時只能通過擊殺遠古守衛者獲得。暫時沒有3D模型。
    Trident - A throw-able weapon from 1.13. Also has Loyalty, Channeling, and Impaling enchantments.For now, they are obtained by killing Elder Guardians. No 3D item model yet.
    桶 - 來自1.14的方塊,在狹窄空間也能像箱子一樣存儲物品。
    Barrel - A block(from 1.14) that can store items like a chest even in tight places.
    迷之燉菜 - 來自1.14的物品,食用時給予隨機藥水效果。


    Suspicious Stew- An item(from 1.14) that grants a random potion effect when consumed. Craftable like Mushroom Stew but with any Vanilla flower.
    織布機 - 來自1.14的方塊,功能暫未實現。
    Loom - A block(from 1.14) that is decorative as of version 0.0.5. Functionality not yet implemented.
    甜漿果叢 - 來自1.14的方塊,能收獲得到甜漿果。在針葉林自然生成,有四個生長階段,就像在1.14一樣。
    Berry Bush - A block(from 1.14) that can be harvested to collect Sweet Berries. Found naturally in Taiga biomes, and has 4 stages of growth just like in 1.14.
    營火 - 來自1.14的裝飾方塊,使用19w02a的原始模型。
    Campfire - A decorative block(from 1.14) that uses the original model from the 19w02a snapshot.
    去皮原木 - 沒有樹皮的原木變種。
    Stripped Logs - A variant of the vanilla log that does not have its bark.

    堆肥桶 - 來自1.14的方塊,能將物品堆肥成骨粉。可用CraftTweaker修改配方,具體函數參考GitHub Wiki。

    Composter - A block(from 1.14) that composts items into bonemeal. Has CraftTweaker compatiblity! Functions are on GitHub Wiki.

    竹子 - 一種又高又壯的植物(來自1.14)。可用作熔爐燃料,也可在合成中作為木棍使用。

    Bamboo - A plant(from 1.14) that grows tall and thick. Can be used as furnace fuel and to craft sticks.

    熊貓 - 來自1.14,生成在叢林的動物。它喜歡的食物是竹子。

    Panda - An animal (from 1.14) that spawns in jungles. It's favorite food is Bamboo.

    蜜蜂 - 來自1.15的飛蟲,能在草原、向日葵草原、繁花森林生成的蜂巢中發現。

    Bee - A flying insect (from 1.15) that can be found in bee nests that generate in plains, sunflower plains, and flower forests.

    Every feature in the mod is toggle-able by a config file.

    More additions and changes are yet to come!